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Dear Miss Vicky

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Sens fun with Wee G and Local Tourist Ottawa

Miss Vicky Thu Jan 5, 2012

Happy New Year, Faithful Legion!

It's been a busy holiday season here at the Finishing School. I think the kids are still vibrating from all of the excitement.

For a sample of what we've been up to, check out Local Tourist Ottawa.

Comings and goings: reader query

Miss Vicky Mon Dec 5, 2011

A reader writes:

Hey Vicky -

You've always got your ear to the ground... any idea what's going into the former Mostly Danish Furniture?

Indeed! I confirmed this weekend that Fab Baby Gear is moving into the that space - I guess they need the room for strollers and furniture.

While I'm at it, I am overdue for a Comings and Goings post, so here goes.

Hintonburger is busily renovating and readying for a January move to the old KFC location. If you haven't had a chance to pick up some gift certificates, they make great stocking stuffers! It also appears they have found someone to sublet their current shack - to Suzy Q Doughnuts. They sell what look like pretty amazing doughnuts at the Lansdowne Market and they plan on opening a shop in the 'burg. I guess that doughnuts are the new cupcakes?

Speaking of cake, The Cake Shop is moving from their suburban location to 1200 Wellington, in the former PC Cyber location. Right next to the Emerald Bakery, which is unfortunate. But they do offer a different product and they are 100% nut free. It is an awful lot of cake for our neighbourhood, though! Miss Vicky is going to have to step up her workouts at Marshall's! Their facebook page promises coffee, seating and a cheesecake bar (an intriguing possibility).

On the other end of the strip, a new sandwich place has opened up across from Cafe Mio - according to a tweet by local artist Andrew King, they serve DiRienzo's sandwiches, but I haven't had a chance to check it out.

I have had the chance to check out the Red Sea Cafe, the new Ethiopian place on Holland. It is small and basic, but they do takeout at lunch and the food was mighty tasty. No license though, so if you like a beer to wash down your injera, you can always hit a pub afterwards.

The place I am looking forward to checking out is the Hintonburg Public House - they open their doors on Wednesday, right next to the soon-to-be Bridgehead at Fairmont and Wellington.

The former Videoflicks is going to be a phone and computer servicing place - which I guess we needed when we lost PC Cyber (the staff there had told me they were moving to that location, actually, but it seems they were in error).

I imagine I am missing a few spots, but that should do for now. Still trying to figure out what's going in to the former Dogz Spa and I have no idea what's up with Chrome Boyz. Post your intel here!

Now, can we please get some groceries on the eastern end of the strip? Pretty please?


Help Wanted!

Miss Vicky Sun Mar 27, 2011

Hintonburg community activist Jeff Leiper sent out the following call for help on Facebook. This is a great project, so if you have some time to help with data entry, it would be much appreciated by wonky council-watchers everywhere!

I'm hoping to build a web interface to a database of Council and planning votes. When the database is built, I'll post it to community space to which I have access, and create some web forms (with help, hopefully!), including pages optimized for 300px devices.

The initial spreadsheet is at this site

When this spreadsheet is brought into an application like Access or OpenOffice Base, you can start doing some interesting analysis. At the very least, it will allow you to bring up anything related to any search term. For example, type "Cordova" into a search, and get any number of fields related to that. But, you can also focus on a councillor, or try to discover voting patterns.

The spreadsheet has two tabs - one is of the Council/committee meetings that have occured, the other is a list of meetings and whether those have been input or not.

It takes about 1/2 hour or so - depending on how many votes there are - to input a meeting.

Are you able to help with this project? I need people who can input meetings, and then, when I have the database ready to post, people who can create PHP/SQL scripts to brainstorm the forms we'd like to create.

Can you help?


Meow! Lost Cat!

Miss Vicky Mon Oct 18, 2010

Passing along a note from Miss Vicky's inbox. I hope Cali turns up!

Hello Miss Vicky,

We've lost our cat in Hintonburg and I wanted to please ask your help spread the word on the 'Net.

I know this is not "Miss Vicky's Missing Cats Page", but I thought you might have better access to neighbourhood mailing lists and feeds that could be helpful getting our baby back!

We've checked the pound every few days and posted ads on usedottawa and Kijiji to no avail,

Can you help?

Thank you


From a reader: Park Party Invite

Miss Vicky Thu Oct 14, 2010

Miss Vicky received the following announcement, and she likes parks, so she's passing it on.

Hi Miss Vicky - Could you help spread the word about this party:

Everyone is invited to a party!


Where: Iona Park (and my backyard)
When: Saturday, Oct. 16, 11:30 – 1:30
What: Hotdogs, coffee, face painting, Crash the Clown and treats!

Mike and I will be hosting a party in our backyard and the park Oct 16 and everyone is invited. I've also invited mayoral candidate Clive Doucet to speak about development. He will be talking about his position on urban development and developers within city hall. And more specifically on the convent redevelopment which as we all know is a major issue for us and the surrounding communities right now.

We’ll be throwing on the BBQ, there will be face painting and music for the kids. Leaves to pile up and jump in and friends to see.

Regardless of what your political views are urban development is worth talking about, as it affects us all. And even if politics is not your thing, it’s a beautiful time of the year to come to the park, see some friends and have some fun.

Hope to see you many of you next Saturday!
Jenn and Mike

PS.: Please spread the word, invite your friends, neighbours, parents, grandparents – the more the merrier. If you are coming could you also RSVP, just so we have a rough idea of how many hot dogs we need. (But don’t worry if you don’t get around to RSVPing, all are still welcome.


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