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All In Hand

Here you'll find the sum total of Miss Vicky's Remarks thus far.

Spring revival

Miss Vicky Mon Apr 14, 2014

Oh it is so nice to have the snow melting and be out and about in the 'hood once more. Was great to be on the street with the kids over the weekend, testing out the bikes and people-watching. Not so great to see the increase in people using the Hintonburger parking lot to turn around and go down our street the wrong way, or watch the short-cut-seekers speeding down our small street at an alarming weight. We may have to take some guerilla action....

At any rate, Miss Vicky received the following email today:

Hi Miss Vicky, it's your loyal web follower. I am wondering if you have any news for us about the neighborhood.

This is not the first email I have received recently reminding me I have been falling down on my self-appointed role as scribe to the comings and goings in our wonderful 'hood. I shall try to do better.

It is quite remarkable, how the street has changed. Here are a few things you have probably already noticed and maybe some tidbits that those not on twitter may not have heard.

LCBO has opened and there was much rejoicing. Now the speculation has begun about what should go in the large space next door, which formerly housed the restaurant supplies reseller.

Peekaboo Kids is closing and moving their business online. They'll be selling their fixtures, so if you're in the market, check it out.

The Studio is a combined studio/workshop space for artists and art instructors. Plans are underway for regular classes for kids and adults, and artists will be able to rent space to hold workshops. There will also be a gallery featuring both group and solo shows with an emphasis on contemporary realism, and a café component with rentable harvest tables for small meetings and gatherings. Sounds like a great fit for the Quad! Opening is slated for May 1.

Suzy Q Doughnuts is opening a second location by the Parkdale Market, in the former location of the Orange Gallery. Orange has moved to the City Centre in that amazing and underutilized heritage building (which used to house the CN Rail's bank).

Also moving to the Parkdale Market area is a new venture by pastry chef Michael Holland. Holland's Cake and Shake will be opening in the former location of Lulu and Coco.

With amazing desserts on the horizon, it's a good thing that Marshall's is still in business; they moved from their pricy location on Wellington West to the lower level of the Takahashi Dojo. It's intimate but you get the same great personal attention that you had in the own location and Miss Vicky is grateful they are still around!

OK, that's enough news for one post. Stay tuned and we'll try not to wait months before the next installment.