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All In Hand

Here you'll find the sum total of Miss Vicky's Remarks thus far.

A little Flava in the 'hood

Miss Vicky Sun Jul 27, 2014

So here's what's going into the second floor of Marshall's old location on Wellington West: Flava Factory Dance Studio, offering classes for kids and adults in a variety of street dance styles. I am pretty sure Wee G and AJ will be all over this.


While I'm at it

Miss Vicky Sun Jul 20, 2014

Sorry about the comment spam. I'm having the Webgeek look into it.

Comings and Goings: the overdue edition

Miss Vicky Sun Jul 20, 2014

So I have this anonymous member of Miss Vicky's Faithful Legion that has been sending me chiding messages every once in a while, reminding me that I am falling down on my duty of keeping the neighbourhood informed.

And it's true. I have been neglecting the blog. And I am sorry! I really should ramp it up, what with this municipal election looming and all.

And then there are the changes in the 'hood. So many changes. Some of them are great - like the soon-to-be-open West End Well. Or the opening of the long-awaited LCBO. Some of them maybe not so great, like the sudden closure of Isobel's and the loss of the Harvest Loaf, which I am still mourning. And 4Cats and Character, which really caught us all off guard.

Aside from the 4Cats closure, which was the result of a legal dispute with the franchise owners, the scuttlebutt I hear is that it is increasingly difficult for small business owners to meet the demands of some Hintonburg landlords who are hoping to cash in on the rapidly-gentrifying mainstreet. I've heard rumblings of a few more moves on the street - stay tuned in the coming weeks.

But let's not dwell on the negative. Let's talk about some of the OK things that have happened.

Marhsall's gym seems to be settling nicely into the basement of the Takahashi dojo. Hopefully the downsizing means that he'll be around the neighbourhood for a while. Miss Vicky has come to rely on the training!

The Studio Café is now open and offering art classes for adults and kids, studio rental, and gallery space as well as caffeinated goodness. And it looks like they'll be offering a much-needed after school program as well. I'm not sure it cane take the place of 4Cats but it is a welcome addition to the 'hood.

The latest from the West End Well is that they'll likely be opening in a couple of weeks. They've had a lot of bumps along the road to opening, but they've been selling shares in the co-op and holding workshops and generally working on building their community of supporters. Since the Café is headed up by Stone Soup Foodworks' Jacqueline Jolliffe, I am really anticipating some tasty food.

Michael Holland's Cake and Shake opened this past week on Armstrong, right beside the Carleton Tavern. We tried a shake today, and it was pretty tasty! Lots of interesting baked goods on offer (like the white chocolate and licorice cookie...got to say that was tempting). If you've tried any of the cakes or other treats, feel free to post your reviews in the comments!