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Hintonburg Handmade Hallowe'en - Volunteers needed

Sun Sep 9, 2012 Miss Vicky 

Miss Vicky has always wanted to see some kind of Hallowe'en event in the 'hood. Hallowe'en is the best, isn't it? When else do you get to dress up and pretend to be something or someone else? Well, unless you're under 6, when dressing up and pretending to be someone or something else is a daily occurrence.

Enter Twiss and Weber, who have turned the old Bobbi Pin hair salon into a sewing and fashion studio and boutique. They've been establishing themselves into a real creative hub for the community, offering sewing workshops, fashion camp for teens, and more. They'll be one of the stops in the first Ottawa Nuit Blanche (coming up, September 22!).

We've had a few chats about Hallowe'en in the 'hood and they've taken the idea and run with it. The event will be two parts - a costume-making workshop one weekend, and a costume parade and party the next. The event is being billed as Hintonburg's Handmade Hallowe'en.

They're going to need plenty of help to make it a success, though. Here's the call out:

Tonia and I are hosting *Handmade Hallowe'en* this October 21 & 28 and need a few volunteers.

We love costumes and this tradition we have of dressing up each year. We want to share our knowledge of sewing and costume making with the community of kids and their parents and then parade around the neighbourhood gathering treats and playing tricks.

In two components, we have a Workshop Day and then a Parade Day.

1. The first is a workshop to build masks & capes, and decorate loot bags for parents and kids, Oct 21st noon-4pm(location to be announced)
2. The second is the party at McCormick Park, a central and wee park, on Oct 28th, noon - 4pm.

At the party, we want to have Games, Tricks, Costume Contest, Pumpkin Carving contest (pre-carved), (all with first, second and third prizes!), an Open-Air Haunted House, a collection table for a local charity, Craft Table to decorate the park, haunting Music to set the mood, and lastly and the best and most awesome part of all: a PARADE!

Above all we want to show kids, and parents, how easy it really is to make your own costume, and how you don't need to spend a lot to be creative and have a good time. Old school entertainment is pretty cool. For instance, bobbing for apples is silly and fun.

We are also in great need for volunteers. We need a few folks to head up a few assignments like:

- designing a poster and having it produced
- inviting a few 'hood celebrities to be judges & gathering prizes from local businesses
- peeps to assist us in running a craft table, gathering supplies, and tidying up afterward
- running the games during the party
- someone to run the Open-Air haunted house.... *scary*!
- someone to take responsibility with the donation table and allocating snowsuits to Snowsuit fund
- someone to lead the parade around McCormick Park, in full costume

Is there anything else I'm omitting? If you can see something, please let me know!!! We want this to be a successful event and want to build a community of makers and creators.

Twiss & Weber are hosting a volunteer meeting at 4pm on September 29. You can let them know you're coming by signing up on Facebook here, and feel free to let them know if you're willing to take on any of the assignments listed above!

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jazzie_jaq Sep 11, 2012 01:15 PM said:

Would like to volunteer. Would like to do games or haunted house

Miss Vicky Sep 11, 2012 05:50 PM said:

Hooray! Give Laura Twiss a shout at their boutique, or sign up on the facebook page (link above)

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